Family history and values:
the roots of the foundation

The Anne and Claude Berda Foundation was created in Geneva in 2022 by Alexandre Berda. It was inspired by the entrepreneurial experience of his father, Claude, a leading figure in the audiovisual, real estate, and venture capital industries, and the values of his mother, Anne, such as merit, perseverance, diligence, and hard work. Building on these pillars, the Foundation is dedicated to advancing medical research in the field of brain diseases, a cause that is of great importance to the family.

At a glance

Healthtech innovations bring hope to patients with brain diseases

80 %

of current R&D in the health sector is carried out by start-up companies 1

90 %

of pre-clinical research projects fail before reaching the clinical phase. 2

4.5 M

people with brain tumors in 2021 3

50 M

people with dementia in 2019. 4

152 M

people with dementia by 2050. 4

1 Company segments as a percentage of pipeline projects and global sales in 2018 -IQVIA, 2018 | 2 Clinical development success rates for investigational drugs – Nature Biotechnology – September 2016 | 3 Key Facts and Figure – World Brain Tumor Day – 2021 | 4 WHO 2020


Contribute to the cure of brain diseases, including tumors and neurodegenerative disorders


Catalyze experts and innovations for lasting impact

01 02

Main mission
long term impact

Empowering and fostering entrepreneurship within medical research to accelerate the creation of breakthrough treatments, relying on the top experts in the field
  • Projects: pre startups and startups
  • Research areas: BIOTECH | MEDTECH | E-HEALTH
  • Research phases: From preclinical to clinical (Phase 1)
  • Investment phases: pre seed to Series A

Complementary mission
short and long term impact

Supporting researchers and patients in exploring new medical horizons by leveraging scientific excellence and strategic partnerships
  • Projects: scholarships, individual prizes, consortia promoting data sharing, patient support
  • Partners: patients' associations, experimented operators, research institutes, non profit organizations